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Enhanced Application and Workflow Management with Alloy Journeys

AUTHOR: The Narmi Team

At Narmi, we remain dedicated to offering our financial institutions cutting-edge tools that enhance their account opening platform, especially when it comes to risk management. We are proud to be a close partner of Alloy, an end-to-end identity risk management platform for companies that offer financial products. With configurable solutions for fraud and compliance risk, dedicated expert guidance, and the industry’s most extensive ecosystem of data partners, Alloy helps companies deliver great financial products to more customers around the world. This month, we're excited to introduce Alloy Journeys, the infrastructure that allows Alloy clients to link multiple workflows into a single configuration and API endpoint.

What is Alloy Journeys?

Journeys are at the heart of the Alloy platform, providing the automation, flexibility and know-how that are core to modern fraud prevention and compliance management for financial institutions. This infrastructure facilitates a more intuitive experience for financial institution (FI) staff to configure and manage bespoke workflows, streamline application visualization and management, and seamlessly integrate third-party tools within the Alloy dashboard (e.g., Vouched, NeuroID). Due to Narmi’s close collaboration with Alloy, we are one of the first partners to support the latest version of the technology. 

Here’s what you can expect with this latest update: 

Unified Workflow Orchestration

Alloy Journeys now serves as a single orchestrator for all workflow activities, visualizing and connecting multiple workflows in one cohesive Journey. This system enables a cleaner organization of applications by designing workflows based on outcomes. Previously, applications requiring multiple checks had to navigate through separate workflows. Now, all workflows are integrated into one comprehensive 'Journey' map, allowing FIs to easily move an applicant from one step to another, creating a seamless user experience and quickly producing organized outcomes based on the application. Tags can be added to applications as they progress through the Journey, further simplifying state management.

Streamlined Application Management and Decision-Making

With Journeys, Alloy offers a unified view of applications that require manual review in the queue, simplifying the decision-making process for FI staff. The new Application Queue consolidates previously separate elements—Alloy Evaluations, Entities, and Review Queue—into one, centralized view, allowing for quicker and more informed decision-making without the need to toggle between multiple views. Assignments of specific applications to designated staff members now further refine the review process, ensuring that every application is handled efficiently.

Faster Time-to-Implementation of Third-Party Data Sources

Lastly, Alloy has improved how financial institutions connect to tools embedded in the Alloy platform, such as Vouched and NeuroID. With Journeys, clients can now take advantage of an in-app SDK configuration that enables FI staff to add and switch out third-party data sources with just a few clicks and no code, significantly reducing the time-to-implementation by eliminating the need for manual integration.

Check out this quick video to learn more about data orchestration

If you are interested in leveraging Alloy Journeys at your financial institution, please contact your Narmi representative for more information.

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