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Make product selection easier with embedded links

AUTHOR: The Narmi Team

Narmi has refined our Product Selection screen to make choosing an account as frictionless as possible. For some users, selecting account types can feel overwhelming due to the amount of information and decision-making involved. As Narmi continues to improve our digital account opening experience, we are constantly working to ensure that users have access to all the information possible, so that they can make their product selection with confidence.

What is the Product Selection page?

At the start of the digital account opening experience, Narmi gives financial institutions the option of offering a recommended product package for users to select from. These options typically include a savings and checking account, as 77% of applicants apply with a savings and checking account, but the page is customizable. These recommended products help to make the decision simple for the user and remove a potential barrier to entry.

For those applicants that would like to customize their account type, Narmi also offers a shopping cart-like experience. This allows users to not only see recommended product types, but also the full list of product options for categories such as Checking, Savings, Money Market, and Certificate.

Under each of these product offerings, there is an accompanying description and highlights that help the user better understand the type and benefits of each product.

What enhancement did we make?

To make the user feel as confident in their selection as possible, Narmi added the ability to add links to specific products in the Product Selection screen. These links, which can be placed underneath any product on the selection page, will navigate the applicant to any web page as determined by the financial institution (product landing page, FAQs, etc.). This can be fully customizable in the "Institution Settings" of the admin portal.

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