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Refreshed Settings Page: Your Intuitive Hub for Essential Controls

AUTHOR: The Narmi Team

We're excited to announce significant updates to our settings page, a critical part of Narmi’s consumer and business banking platform. These enhancements are designed to offer a more refined, secure, and user-friendly platform that help streamline the banking experience. By improving the usability and accessibility of various functions, these updates reflect our commitment to catering to the dynamic needs of our digital banking users.  

Here's what users can expect in the new settings page:

Refreshed UX/UI

The latest redesign introduces a more user-friendly interface with a new tabbed design, providing a clear, organized view of the settings page functionalities. We've also reorganized the cards in the Profile section for more intuitive access to key user information. Similarly, the Security Tab has been strategically reorganized, making essential security features and settings more accessible.

Users can easily access advanced functionality in one centralized location

A key aspect of this update is the centralization of advanced features for a more integrated user experience. The process of linking accounts, previously limited to the transfers flow, can now be edited in the settings page, giving users more flexibility when managing their frequently used bank accounts. Additionally, the ability to manage dual approvals has been directly incorporated into the Security Tab, further streamlining the user experience and enhancing security.

New Recipients Tab

Finally, we’ve added a new Recipients Tab in the settings page. This addition significantly simplifies the management of transaction recipients, allowing users to effortlessly add, edit, or delete bill pay payees and member-to-member recipients in one centralized location. This enhancement not only streamlines the process but also boosts the overall efficiency of managing external transactions.

Check out this quick video walkthrough to see the full workflow for a user opening an additional account. 

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