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Role-Based Access Controls: Giving businesses more digital control and the freedom to move faster

AUTHOR: The Narmi Team

We’ve added granular role-based access controls to our business digital banking experience to give businesses more digital control and your institution less overhead. As a business grows, it will need to hire more employees, build processes and divide responsibilities to move even faster. That’s why we’ve designed a feature that specifically enables growing small-to-medium-sized businesses to easily share in the workload all the while maintaining security and control.

What are role-based access controls (RBAC)?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing a business. Businesses operate in different ways and therefore have various methods for dividing up cash management responsibilities. A business accountant may only need view-only access to transactions whereas a financial manager may need the ability to pay bills and approve transactions. As the business account holder, it is imperative to delegate the right tasks to the appropriate roles in order to maintain security over sensitive information.

Role-based access controls (RBAC) in digital banking make it easy for account holders to enable specific permissions to specific roles within or outside of their organization where they see fit. In doing so, the business is empowered to improve operational efficiency and streamline cash flow. As a result, your business users will increase their business deposits and become loyal to your financial institution.

How is this a different approach from other business digital banking experiences?

We conducted over twenty 60 minute interviews with businesses of all sizes across the country to identify what a business looks for when choosing a financial institution. One of the main deciding factors is whether or not they feel that the bank or credit union understands the nature of their business.

Users were frustrated with how difficult it is to quickly find what they need. Too often stuck between too little and too much, businesses found it challenging to navigate complex business banking or oversimplified consumer digital banking experiences. For instance, role-based access controls can often be an involved experience that feels like a "wall of permissions", making it hard to leverage the benefits of the feature. In response to this, we designed a business digital banking experience that puts the user experience first and makes it as intuitive as possible for business users to manage their business accounts.

Watch the video below where we walk through the full business digital banking role-based access experience:

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