February 2024
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Enhance Your Fraud Prevention Strategy with Next-Gen Behavioral Analytics

At Narmi, we understand that fraud is constantly evolving. It is our responsibility to continue to advance our fraud and risk offerings so banks and credit unions can remain safe and protected. Narmi is dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the most effective fraud prevention tools, without sacrificing user experience. This month, we are highlighting an integration with NeuroID, a leader in fraud detection through behavioral analytics, facilitated by our partnership with Alloy.
January 2024
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Refreshed Settings Page: Your Intuitive Hub for Essential Controls

We're excited to announce significant updates to our settings page, a critical part of Narmi’s consumer and business banking platform. These enhancements are designed to offer a more refined, secure, and user-friendly platform that help streamline the banking experience. By improving the usability and accessibility of various functions, these updates reflect our commitment to catering to the dynamic needs of our digital banking users. Explore the post to dive into the updated experience.
November 2023
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Optimize Deposits with Enhanced Account Opening Directly from Online Banking

As part of Narmi's ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience, we've simplified the process of opening additional accounts directly from online banking. This process is a key part of a financial institution's deposit growth strategy, fostering stronger relationships through cross and up-sell opportunities. Explore the full post to see how we've streamlined the process, including pre-filled user information and the ability to fund via existing accounts with your financial institution.
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Modernizing Mobile Messaging for Customer Success Excellence

A critical part of creating a best-in-class digital banking platform is building experiences that rival the best in tech, not just the best in fintech. This month, we’re excited to share major enhancements we’ve made to our mobile messaging experience, crafted to simplify interactions and enhance the overall user experience.  The goal of Mobile Messaging has always been to empower users and staff to communicate as quickly and easily as possible, helping to reduce call volume and ticket turnaround time. These latest updates transform Mobile Messaging from a basic feature into a powerful tool that enhances user engagement and makes your mobile app the go-to resource for answering users’ queries.
October 2023

Staff-Led Account Opening: An optimized in-branch experience

At Narmi, we recognize the importance of driving deposits from all available channels, and thus continue to invest in our account opening products to ensure financial institutions have every available resource to do so. That's why we’re excited to announce the build of our Staff-Led Account Opening product, currently in beta testing, designed to empower staff to open accounts for applicants who come into the branch directly through Narmi's Admin Platform. This tool works to save time and drive deposits, giving staff more ability to focus on the applicant. 
September 2023
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Streamlining Multi-Check Deposits with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Enhancements

Effective money management is a cornerstone of the user-financial institution relationship, and it becomes even more critical when users are transferring funds or depositing money into their accounts. That's why we're thrilled to introduce an enhanced Remote Deposit Capture experience this month, designed to simplify and expedite the process of depositing multiple checks simultaneously, delivering a faster and more intuitive user experience.
August 2023
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Product List Manager: Your all-in-one tool to manage product offerings

When it comes to creating the best user experience for both end users and staff, Narmi is always thinking about new tools to enhance workflows. This month, we’re excited to introduce the latest addition to the Admin Platform – the Product List Manager. This tool empowers staff to seamlessly add and modify products within the account opening flow for both consumers and businesses, quickly, easily, and independently. Read the post to discover how this tool can transform the way your financial institution manages product offerings.
July 2023
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Narmi Functions: The Easiest Way to Extend Narmi’s Banking Platform

At Narmi, we are dedicated to building the best digital banking platform for financial institutions. To continue raising the bar on what it means to be an open platform, we are constantly working to put more power in the hands of financial institutions. That means giving them the agency to innovate what they want, when they want, and how they want. 
June 2023
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Support Made Simple: Welcome to the Enhanced Narmi Help Center

A top-notch Help Center that's simple, straightforward, and easy to use isn't just a nice extra—it's an absolute necessity. That's why we've put in the effort to give our Help Center a major tune-up, with a sharper design and enhanced functionality to better support you in your digital banking journey with Narmi.