July 2023
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Narmi Functions: The Easiest Way to Extend Narmi’s Banking Platform

At Narmi, we are dedicated to building the best digital banking platform for financial institutions. To continue raising the bar on what it means to be an open platform, we are constantly working to put more power in the hands of financial institutions. That means giving them the agency to innovate what they want, when they want, and how they want. 
June 2023
All Updates Digital Account Opening Consumer Digital Banking Business Digital Banking Admin Platform Business Account Opening

Support Made Simple: Welcome to the Enhanced Narmi Help Center

A top-notch Help Center that's simple, straightforward, and easy to use isn't just a nice extra—it's an absolute necessity. That's why we've put in the effort to give our Help Center a major tune-up, with a sharper design and enhanced functionality to better support you in your digital banking journey with Narmi.
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Unlocking Convenience: Introducing Our Enhanced Account Opening Platform

Narmi is excited to announce our enhanced Account Opening Platform, designed to elevate the overall experience for applicants while streamlining processes for staff. With these enhancements, we have made the entire experience even more convenient without compromising any of the core functionalities you have come to know and love. Read the post to discover how these enhancements will drive deposit growth and improve the user experience.
May 2023
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Deepen Your Understanding of Business Applicants in the Admin Platform

Opening a business account is a pivotal moment for both a financial institution and the applicant, making it vital for financial institutions to have a strong understanding of their business applicants. Excitingly, Narmi has introduced enhancements to our business account opening product within our admin platform that empower financial institutions to gain a deeper understanding of the businesses they serve while streamlining workflows for staff. Discover the power of these enhancements by reading the post.
April 2023
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Enhancing Digital Banking: Login, Security, and Visibility Improvements

In today's ever-changing banking landscape, providing an exceptional user experience remains a top priority. This is especially crucial for touchpoints such as login procedures and security settings, where users need to feel safe and secure when interacting with sensitive information. Our latest feature aims to streamline the Login and Two-Factor Authentication experience and elevate the aesthetics and visibility of existing pages by extending the Narmi Design System across the Securities page. These improvements improve the speed and cohesiveness of these key user interactions, resulting in increased confidence in your banking platform.
All Updates Digital Account Opening Admin Platform

Process Makes Perfect: Streamlined Account Opening Application View

Narmi knows that even the smallest improvements to workflows can yield substantial time savings, enabling employees to focus on things that drive higher value, like innovation and providing exceptional customer and member support. With that in mind, Narmi has made improvements that will dramatically reduce the time staff members spend reviewing applications. Read the post to learn more about these time-saving enhancements.
March 2023