April 2023
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Process Makes Perfect: Streamlined Account Opening Application View

Narmi knows that even the smallest improvements to workflows can yield substantial time savings, enabling employees to focus on things that drive higher value, like innovation and providing exceptional customer and member support. With that in mind, Narmi has made improvements that will dramatically reduce the time staff members spend reviewing applications. Read the post to learn more about these time-saving enhancements.
March 2023
February 2023
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Bridging the gap between systems with middleware

Middleware is a technology that helps financial institutions unify systems, reduce reliance on the core, and accelerate innovation. Narmi’s primary focus remains direct-to-core integrations, but if your financial institution is looking to implement a middleware strategy, Narmi's open platform is designed to support this. Check out the post to learn more about the benefits of middleware and how Narmi supports this technology.
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